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No girl would like to see her boyfriend lose interest and walk off with another girl. The way she can ensure her boyfriend's love forever is to make sure that he is satisfied and happy with her. These helpful hints are effective when put into practice.

Be ready to invest
In order to have a happy and satisfactory relationship, you should be ready to invest your attention, time and willingness to keep things fresh and exciting. Don't expect things to come easy. It takes a lot of work to keep a relationship healthy and strong.

Stop to smell the roses
Don't get too caught up with things that are unimportant. Sometimes it is easy to forget that he is the most important person in your life and you may start taking him for granted. Know your priorities and start giving him his due. Take things easy and enjoy every moment with him. This will keep him thoroughly satisfied.

Be impulsive and adventurous
Nobody can stay long in a relationship that is boring and unexciting. Make sure that you keep the excitement in your relationship. Be adventurous and daring. This will give you the boost you need. Be spontaneous and impulsive - he will love it.

Chuck the boring and dead routines
You probably know by now that there are certain things you have been doing together that just don't seem to be interesting or exciting anymore! Chuck them! Try out something new together. Do fun things like learning how to do the salsa or rock climbing! This will keep him happy and satisfied.

Look up to him
Have you stopped and considered how you have been viewing your boyfriend? Do you treat him as your hero or a knight in shining armor? Or have you been treating him as a doormat? Stop demeaning him and respect him. He will never be satisfied in the relationship if he is not being given his due!

Don't expect too much
Have you been expecting too much from him? If you have, then he is probably going to tire trying to keep up to those expectations! Don't forget that you are not perfect yourself! Let all your hopes and expectations be on par with who you are and who he is.

A time to be grateful
If you take the time to be truly grateful for who he is and the time you have with each other, you will enjoy every single moment together. This attitude of gratitude is what will keep him happy and satisfied with you.


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04/17/17 PHD comic: 'The March'
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04/17/17 PHD comic: 'The March'

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by Jorge

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          "The March" - originally published

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Source: 04/17/17 PHD comic: 'The March'


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