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Love Is Not Enough : Part 2
« on: October 07, 2012, 09:03:14 PM »

How Could I Have Been So Blind?

We all want to be happy in our love life, and we want our relationships to work. So, obviously, none of us deliberately sets out to choose partners who are wrong for us. We truly believe we are making the right decision when we select a mate. But the sad reality is that, more often than not, those choices turn out to be painful mistakes.

Many of us are choosing the wrong partners and wondering why our relationships are not working.

Have you ever thought or said the following about one of your relationships?

"How could I have been so blind? Why didn't I see what he/she was really like?"

"I felt so sure that, this time, it would work. Where did I go wrong?"

"He seemed so wonderful when we first met. I can't figure out why be changed into someone I can't stand."

"All the signs were there from the beginning that she didn't feel the way I did. I guess I just ignored them and convinced myself things would get better."

"We loved each other, but we couldn't agree on anything, and all we did was argue."

"I was so sure he was different from the other men I'd been with. It took me almost two years to find out that I'd picked the same type of guy all over again! How could I have wasted so much time?"

"I remember feeling really in love with her at the time, but the truth is, I never told anyone we were together because I was embarrassed to admit I was even involved with a woman like that."

"Everything about him seemed so perfect; I kept telling myself that I should be happy with him, but there just wasn't any chemistry between us."

There is an old saying, "Hindsight has 20/20 vision." It's always so much easier to look back and see things clearly that we could not see at all then. It's much easier to be wiser about the mistakes we made yesterday than the ones we are in the process of making today. Yet, I've always lived by the philosophy that there are no "mistakes" - only opportunities for growth and learning. And learning from the past gives meaning, and even purpose, to some of the pain and heartache collected along the way.

This book contains everything I have learned about choosing the right partner, from my own experiences and those of the men and women I have counseled and worked with It's about understanding why you make the love choices you do, and learning how to make more fulfilling ones. It answers the questions, "How could I have been so blind?" and "How can I tell if I'm with the right person?" and hopefully will give you the vision you need to see the truth about your own love life.

If you are single, I hope this book will give you tools and guidelines for making healthy, successful choices in your partner for your next relationship.

If you are recovering from a broken heart, I hope this book will help you understand wily your relationship choices were not good ones for you, and will give you information that will help you make much wiser and less painful choices next time.

If you are unmarried but in a relationship, I hope this book will support you in getting clear about whether your relationship is right for you, so you don't have to waste time and energy on a relationship that won't work.

If you are in a committed relationship or marriage, I hope this book will show you that many of the conflicts you and your partner experience may stem not from lack of love, but lack of compatibility, and that understanding your differences can help you live more peacefully and passionately together.


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Reality check: Is your daily diet soda increasing your risk of dementia, stroke?

Research is shedding light on how diet soda may be sabotaging your weight and waistline, but what about your risk of stroke and dementia?
Source: Reality check: Is your daily diet soda increasing your risk of dementia, stroke?


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