Author Topic: How do you free 2 locked elk? Alberta wildlife officers aim for their antlers  (Read 6510 times)


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My Pen at Hand
« on: October 07, 2012, 08:52:38 PM »
Right from the tip of my pen to the leave of my note, through the keys of my computer down to the screen flows powerful and provoking thoughts, words that can not find expression verbally is better put down in writing, so that it can travel far into the length and breath of every soul and heart that comes in contact with it.

My pen is my tool, it is my cannon that shoots out wisdom, who ever stands in its way could be hit, who ever listens and connect with the power behind it, will be transformed..

When I hold my pen, my mind and soul opens, when I use my pen, gates and barriers are shattered.. Who can stop my pen, no one, only my fear and limitation can. I have fought them, that is why inspiration and ideas flows through it effortlessly...

The effect an electric current has on the body is not different from the effect a taste and feel of what my pen dishes out has on the mind and soul of men and women.

A thief feels empowered when holding a gun, a president feels untouchable when guided by the constitution, a father is in control when he still provides for his family, that is how I am so invinsible when I am with my pen, you can not see me, but you can feel me, you can not touch me, but you can imagine me there, I don't get carried away, or try to feel like a divine creature, even though my techniques are sublime, I still stay in line, stay focused, so that I can always pour out my heart when ever it is heavy...

Through my pen, I purge my soul and free my mind, through my pen I am going to liberate the world, through my weapon I am going to destroy those who hate to hear the truth, though my beautiful pen, I am going to have access into every heart that opens up its door, through my pen the world will know and listen to me cause I have lots of things to say... The fear of the unknown can be killed using my pen...


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How do you free 2 locked elk? Alberta wildlife officers aim for their antlers

Wildlife officers in Grande Prairie had a unique problem on their hands when they were alerted to two bull elk whose antlers were locked together.
Source: How do you free 2 locked elk? Alberta wildlife officers aim for their antlers


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