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Why Organizations Avoid Exporting Outlook to Notes
« on: October 07, 2012, 08:41:49 PM »
In today's working conditions, organizations look out for highly-integrated applications and machines that are secure and easy to use. With the global exposure, business owners have clearly understood the importance of applications that offer combined messaging, instant messenger and easy-to-access email facilities. However, due to certain technical and business reasons, organizations dump the idea of switching to non-Exchange platforms such as Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that force organizations not to export Outlook to Notes:

Lack of Migration Experience- Many organizations does not have a particular project team that can conduct the gruesome and time-consuming Outlook PST to NSF migration process. IT professionals are afraid that due to lack of experience they might make some mistake that can result in loss of important email data. Hence, they prefer shunning the migration of Outlook PST to NSF.

Lack of Resources and Time- When you are doing business, you have to admit that Time is Money and losing time due to some change of email environment may not convince you. IT staff are already overburdened with the tickets raised, technical issues and other important works, in the middle of it, introduction of a new platform seems to be difficult to handle. Moreover, more work demands increased manpower. Hence organization quit the idea to export PST to NSF.

Horror of Server downtime- Migration brings along the horror of going through Server Downtime which in turn results in missed emails. A successful business stands firm on the pillar of a smooth flawless communication channel and server downtime destroys it. In order to shun this horror, companies prefer sticking the same email environment.

Ensuring coexistence- Migration is time-consuming process and for a large scale organization, you might need a couple of months to export PST to NSF. In the mean time you need to ensure coexistence, so that you can purge away the productivity losses that a company incurs due to interruption of email communication.

Turning to Non-Exchange platforms- One of the major reasons why organizations quit the idea of migrating from Outlook PST to NSF is that they fear that switching to non-Exchange messaging platforms like Novell GroupWise or Lotus Notes might be too difficult to handle. Although, Microsoft offers easy to use interface of email platforms but working on non-Exchange platforms is not that tough.

Despite the number of benefits they can avail, organizations shun the idea of exporting PST to NSF just because of the above mentioned reasons. It is important to understand that migration is not that tough if done with the help of a technically-sound expert.

Export PST to NSF can help you perform Outlook PST to NSF conversion in the minimum amount of time. The software is devised especially to perform Outlook to Notes migration and hence you don't need to have in-depth technical knowledge. The software supports Unicode character conversion and hence you can easily convert every Outlook item including emails, contacts, journals, calendars, sent items, drafts, notes, personal folders, attachments etc. Simply switch to Export PST to NSF software and perform migration without worrying about your vital email data.


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Russia conducting aerial surveillance over Canadian military bases
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 05:54:50 PM »
Russia conducting aerial surveillance over Canadian military bases

Russia, using a post-Cold War agreement, is flying an unarmed Russian aircraft to different parts of the country to take photos of Canadian Forces bases and other military installations.
Source: Russia conducting aerial surveillance over Canadian military bases


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