Author Topic: ?Awesome? video of New Brunswick Mountie shooting hoops with teens goes viral  (Read 29981 times)


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Now I know that the mental defenses will go up for many women when they hear the dreaded S- word, because the concept of submission flies in the face of every thing that our culture teaches today, models and values. But God's word sits in judgment on our culture and vice versa. One reason that submission in marriage is such a hated word is that it has been so badly misunderstood and misused, often intentionally, that few people know what it really means. Submission is not a bad word, but when people make a good word bad, it becomes bad even though it's good.

Feminists recognize that submission is appropriate in some roles, and they practice it themselves in those settings. They don't just want to see the concept of submission introduced into marriage because they want to insist that marriage is a totally egalitarian relationship where no one is in a leadership position. You see, submission is only a bad idea when it's used in an arena where we don't want it to appear. But it is God's idea, so it can't be bad in fact, we will see below that the members of the God head practice submission to one another.

The biblical word submission means "to line up underneath" it's a voluntary word, an act of the will. In other words, we must choose to submit. Perhaps the best illustration is a yield sign on the high way. Where as a stop sign means stop, period, no questions asked, you have a choice to make at a yield sign. But your choice carries certain consequences. If you think you can beat the oncoming car and get out of it's way, you may decide to shoot on through the intersection instead of yielding. But if you do, and a collision occurs, you will be at fault because the other vehicle has the right-of-way. Regardless of your view that you were right, the law will consider you to be in rebellion against it's status.

The same is true in a wife's relationship to her husband. God tells wives to submit to their husbands "as to the lord (Ephesians 5:22). A wife may choose to reject that word, but that decision will put her and her marriage on a "collision course" with God's principles. But the verse is also true when we line up in obedience under God's word, we please him and open our lives to his blessing. I believe this is the choice you want to make today and keep your marriage from breaking up.

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?Awesome? video of New Brunswick Mountie shooting hoops with teens goes viral

A video of an RCMP officer playing basketball with some teenagers on Wednesday in St. Stephen, N.B., is making its way around Facebook and many people are calling it "awesome."
Source: ?Awesome? video of New Brunswick Mountie shooting hoops with teens goes viral


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