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Part 1: How dangerous is love?
« on: October 07, 2012, 07:42:59 PM »
Part 1: How dangerous is love?
I would like to do a series, this month on the matters of the heart and try to lay bare my innermost thoughts. Here goes my first post. Happy reading.

People talk about how wonderful love is, how kind, sweet and perfect it feels when you are in love, but today, I want to explore how dangerous love really is and maybe attempt to explore the fear that is attached to being in love. I know many people may never think about this when they are in love and would rather focus on the good bits and the perfection of love. I am quite the opposite. I have a wandering mind that allows me to explore the good and bad of any situation. The ability to do this should influence my decision; but I will be lying if it has ever had anything to do with matters of my heart. So here is my story…

I sometimes, try to describe the kind of love that I have for my husband and sometimes, even when I think about it, it stirs up such powerful emotions, that threatens to tear my soul from my spirit (if you obviously believe soul is different from spirit). I met someone recently and I tried to describe the love I have for my husband and the only thing I could say is that “he is my life” and “all that I live for”. I did not even have to think about it, it just pop out of my mouth!

What I said that day is still on my mind and I get realty terrified to think that I have given myself to another fallible human being like this.

So, here is the dangerous side of the love I feel

I see a tomorrow, with no end to the love I have for you; even is you ever leave me.

I love you to even accept that you may stop loving me some day.

In my heart, I continue to will you to fulfil your potential, even at the expense of losing you to your dreams.

I love you to accept that if I die, I would want you to meet someone else and make a life with that woman.

I love you to accept that you may love our children and share a greater bond with them.

I love you enough to accept that I may not be the only source of your happiness.

I love you to accept that all that you will never change and all I don’t like about you will never go away.

I love you so much to accept that you may stop me from fulfilling my destiny, outside of marriage.


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