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Often corporate print policy should be put to the side and forgotten for the sake of the job.

Unfortunately, contrary to professional advice, this often does not happen. Just three weeks ago I received an order for 2500 promotional stress balls. There were two logos to be printed, two web addresses, two telephone numbers and about ten lines of text both in English and in Welsh.

Having worked quite hard to get the order in the first place, I could feel my mouth drop when confronted with so much to print on these 70mm diameter stress balls.

I went to work right away to prove that it could be done. Our company designer separated the two logos, placing one on one side of the ball and the other on the opposite side. He then typeset the text in a more readable font than those supplied and placed the text under the correct logos.

Everything was quite small but we did it! Or so I thought...

I had already decided to give my customer the additional print position free of charge and very confidently emailed a visual to her to approve.

In less than five minutes I received her emailed reply which was - 'What have you done with our design? Please print everything as we supplied it!'

I spent the next ten minutes on the phone trying to convince her that printing the two logos side by side with all the text under it was a bad idea because nothing would be legible. She wouldn't budge and I did as she asked. I supplied a revised visual which was signed off immediately just under the large red text that state - SOME OR ALL OF THE PRINTED TEXT WILL FILL IN AND MAY NOT BE LEGIBLE.

My customer received her stress toys just the other day. It didn't take long before I received an email from her boss complaining that the text and logos were too small to read.

Really?! - You don't say.

As the job had been signed off there was little more he could say. I have been in the promotional gifts industry for over 20 years and I know what will and will not print well. I can give advice but at the end of the day it is up to the person ordering the goods who has the final decision.

Let's hope company policy doesn't get the best of your next promotion.

Have you ever been in the position where you had to stick to corporate print guidelines against your supplier's advice? What happened? Please feel free to share your comments and experiences by leaving a comment.


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