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Attend any trade show and your are sure to see five types of promotional gifts. These are the top five promotional gifts. They are popular because they are used everyday in offices and homes around the world.

If you consider using one or more of these five promotional items you will get great value for your money. This is especially so if you take some time to really plan your promotion and ensure your promotional products match your corporate image.

So here they are... These five gifts will be used and will promote your brand for longer than most other forms of promotion could ever do. Television, radio, magazine and newspaper ads will not last as long and they could be quite a lot more expensive. Give away a well planned and targeted promotional gift and it could be promoting your brand for years.

Promotional Pens

Cheap promotional plastic pens such as the lightweight capped pens you see all over the place are good for mega-sized promotions. This is especially so if you want to make a big impact and you are not concerned about how your brand will be perceived. Charities and churches use cheap pens very effectively. They want to get their message across without looking as if they have spent a lot of donated money to do it.

In business, however, you may wish to consider better quality plastic or even metal pens. Look at the styles available from Senator, Prodir, Roubil, Prodir and Lecce Pens. These European brand name pens are available worldwide. They are all fitted with good quality long-life refills that will write for months. I have a Lecce plastic promotional pen that have been using for over two years.

Each of these well known brands offer mix-n-match options so you can choose the colour of the nib, barrel and clip. You will usually need to allow a little more time for this service but doing so makes a simple promotional pen into a designer colour coordinated corporate pen at no extra expense.

Gift pens are the excellent choice for top clients, employees and used as graduation presents. You can normally purchase these in much smaller quantities. Gift pens are usually engraved and they look even better when presented in a pen case.

Check out the styles offered by Lamy, Parker, Cross and Waterman.

Promotional Mugs

There are now so many different mug styles to choose from. From high quality earthenware latte mugs engraved with a logo to the more simple non-breakable plastic mug you will be spoilt for choice.

On average people take a coffee or tea break five times every business day. If your customers happen to be using your logo printed mug that means your logo and brand are enjoying prime advertising space regularly.

If mugs are of interest toy you, I strongly recommend taking a little time to see what is available. Ask for samples and choose wisely. The mug you choose could become your customers' favourite mug and that could offer you years of free advertising.

Mouse Mats

Promotional mouse mats are used by almost everyone. I recommend looking for mats that people will enjoy using. There are a lot of cheap options available but be careful. If people do not enjoy using a mat because it is too lightweight of flimsy, it will end up in the bin instead of on their desktops where it belongs.

I love mouse mats because they offer so much printable area. Get creative with your design so that your brand really stands out.

Digital Photo Frames

Promotional digital photo frames are special executive gifts. They can be quite expensive but do not let this stop you from considering them.

Do you have a few top clients who are loyal to you? Why not give them one of these top quality eye-catching frames to store all of their favourite pictures. It could sit on their desktop for years. They will look at it often and your logo and brand will always be right in front of them.

Almost everyone has a digital camera. We all take many more pictures than we did in the days before digital photography. Take advantage of this and give your top customers a gift they will really appreciate and use.

I have even seen digital photo frames given away on trade show stands. They are not to be put on the front table as you would plastic pens or stress balls but they can be handed personally to you VIP customers that come on the stand.

Eco Friendly Shopper Bags

These are the perfect gifts for trade shows as they offer visitors to your stand a place to put all the other stuff they pick up at the show. Print you logo nice and large on the side for all to see.

We are all trying to use our own bags when we do our weekly or daily shops. It is eco friendly to do so. Giving your customers a nice large reusable carrier bag will keep you in their thoughts long after your promotion is over.

I hope I have offered you a few things to consider. Plan you next promotion with one or more of these promotional gifts and you are on your way to a successful campaign. As always please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences by leaving a comment.


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