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  1. Features

    1. Мember features

      • You may buy some goods from catalogs.
      • Memberes may add items to catalogs.
      • Search items in catalogs by name or number.
      • Members may add orders to table directly.
      • Мembers area with your purchases list.
      • Sending personal messages about payment information.
      • Archive of closed purchases.
      • Office for distribution.

    2. Оrganizer features

      • Purchases making and editing.
      • Purchase templates.
      • Administrate fee.
      • Payment reports.
      • Payment progress bar.
      • Print version of detail order reports.
      • Automatic calculation of organizer fee, bank fee and shipping fee.
      • Import/export items to Excel file.
      • Additional item parameters like size and color.
      • Parsers of popular internet shops.

    3. Administrator features

      • Administrator area.
      • Detail reports.
      • Organizer and administrator fees.
      • Recent purchase banner on main page.
      • You may install another helpfull modification like Portal, Tickers, Bulletin e.t.c.
      • Simple way to change themes.
      • VK.com social network integration.

  2. Installation

    At the first you have installed smf software on a webserver. SMF is free to download on official website simplemachines.org. Then install Group Purchases Modification using Package Manager: Admin -> Main -> Package Manager. After it has finished installing the modification you will be redirected on the setting page (Admin -> Configuration -> Modification Settings...).

    SPMod settings

    Group Purchases Administrator may change next settings:

    • Enable the menu button. Enable or disable the menu button "Group Purchases".
    • List of Group Purchases categories. List format: "id1, id2, id3 ....". Leave empty field for create purchase topics in any forum category.
    • Archival category. Input archival category ID. All purchase topics with "closed" status will be moved th this category.
    • Premoderation. Administrator or moderator must approve new purchase topics. Don't forget enable Post Moderation feature in General Settings.
    • Enable through banner. Recent purchases banner will be shown on each page under main menu.
    • Category ID for show a banner. Before this category will be shown recent purchases banner.
      SPMod settings

    • Maximum percentage. Maximum percentage on your website.
    • Web site fee. Web site fee which organizers will pay your.
    • Shipping addresses. Enable users shipping addresses.
    • Purchase template. You may use BB codes and this keys: {title} - Purchase name, {descr} - Purchase description, {name} - Organizer name, {phone} - Phone number, {satus} - Purchase status, {percent} - organizer percentage, {bank} - bank fee, {tr} - Transportation costs , {trmode} - Transportation costs mode, {website} - Shop web site, {stop} - Stop date, {min} - Minimum sum or minimum amount, {minmode} - Minimum mode, {catalogs} - Catalogues list, {table} - Orders table
    • Districts list for distribution. Input each district in a new line.

    Set permissions for administrators, organaizers and clients groups.
    SPMod settings

  3. Member Area

    Use "Group Purchases" menu button for enter to the Client Area.

    1. Information

      This page to input detail information about members: name, surname, phone number and distribution district.

      SPMod settings

    2. My purchases

      The list of your purchases. You made order in thes purchases before. You may input payment amount into "To pay" field and post e-mail to organazer.

      SPMod settings

  4. Оrganizer Area

    Use "Group Purchases" menu button for enter to the Organazer Area

    1. Information

      This page to input detail information about organazer: name, surname, phone number and distribution district. Attention! This information will be published in purchase topic.

      SPMod settings

    2. Categories

      The list of catalogs of goods. Clients may choose items in your catalogs or on another internet shops.

      SPMod settings

      You can see catalog names and item count in this table. Also you can edit, remove and export your catalogs to XML files.

      Check "User's catalog" allows clients to add new items to the catalog. But organazer can edit and remove this item.

      SPMod settings

      You can upload catalogs from CVS files. You may use Excel for create and edit CVS file. Examples of CVS files: : catalog1, catalog2, catalogs3.

      SPMod settings

      You can upload catalogs from XML files as well using "Load catalogue from XML file" area.

      SPMod settings

    3. Goods

      You can edit and add new items to your catalogs on this page.

      SPMod settings

      This page allows you to add new items, change prices, edit description, links e.t.c.

      SPMod settings

      Sometimes the purchase organizer can order only a complete range of sizes. In this case input count of sizes. If you have to change all sizes in the catalog you can use "List of parameters for this catalogue" on the Categories page.

    4. Purchases

      The organaizer can create and edit purchases on this page.

      SPMod settings

      You can see all current purchases in statuses "Open", "Stop", "Waiting bill", "Payment", "Shipping", "Additional orders", "Stop. Additional orders", "In transit", "Came", "Received", "Distribution" in table "Current purchases". The purchases in statuses "Closed" and "It didn't happen" will be moved in the table "Archival Purchases". Change status or edit purchases using buttons in "Action" field.

      The "Edit" button opens purchase editor where you can change any parameters of your purchase.
      The "Stop" button changes purchases status to "Stop" and now users can't make orders.
      The "Payment" button changes purchase status to "Payment" and create the message with payment table.
      The "Close" button changes status to "Closed" and moves topic to archive board.
      The "Report" button opens detail and print reports.

      Input values to the fields on "Create new purchase" area. If you want edit existing purchase press "Edit" button.

      SPMod settings
      Input values to the fields:
      • Name. Input the name of your purchase here. It is the purchase topic name also.
      • Description. Input description of your purchase and examples of items.
      • Web-site. Input the shop web-site.
      • Stop Date. Choose posible date of finish your purchase in the calendar.
      • Organizer fee (%) Choose organizer fee which will be added to order cost.
      • Bank fee. You can input the bank fee here.
      • Transportation costs. Transportation costs will be devided for the all purchase members. You can choose one of the following options: "The fixed percentage", "Equally", "Proportional to the price", "By items count". If you choose "The fixed percentage" then input a percentage to this field, else input the monetary value.
      • Minimal order sum or minimal amount. The purchase will be complited when sum or count will reach this value. Input 0 for ignore this field.
      • Group Purchases category on your forum. Choose a board for creation new topic for purchase.
      • Status. Organizer can change the purchases status:
        • Open. The purchase is open and members can order items.
        • Stop. Members can't make new orders. The organizer check items and edits the order table.
        • Waiting bill. The organizer sends order list to a provider. The provider is billed.
        • Payment. Members get messages and transfers payment to the organizer.
        • Shipping. Shop is ready to send order to the organizer.
        • Additional orders. Members can make new orders but can't cancel the previous order.
        • Stop. Additional orders. Receiving Orders is terminated.
        • In transit. The order was sended organizer.
        • Came. The order has been delivered to a transport office.
        • Received. The order has been delivered to the organizer.
        • Distribution. The order is ready to distibution.
        • Closed. All members have got they orders. The purchase is closed.
        • Vocation. The purchase is temporarily suspended.
      • Banner. The organizer can input image url-address here which will be displayed on main page. Recommended size is 235x118 pixeles.
      • Catalogs. You may add some catalogs to purchase from your catalog list. It's not obligatory but it is more convenient for the members, because they will be able to make purchases by clicking on "Add to the cart" button.

      Click the "Save" button for create purchase topic whith rules, catalogs list and orders table. The forum administrator can edit the tampate of first message of this topic on modification settings page.

      SPMod settings

      The organaizer can edit standart message. Also he can change any purchase terms in the organaizer area: the purchase name, description, web-site address and others. This parameters and first topic message are synchronized.

      The BB-code from the "BB Code" field on the buttom of the page may be used in the signature or in the any message on the forum. So members can advertise their services in this way.

      SPMod settings

      Just copy this code to the signature field in the your profile. The list of your purchases will be showed under every your post. Alse you may add any additional information here and use BB-code for change the color, font, size e.t.c.

      SPMod settings

      The organaizer can see the detail purchase report. Open the "Purchase" page and click on the "Report" link on the purchase table.

      SPMod settings

      If you need to change the organaizer fee for somebody. Use "Organaizer fee" field on the report page for set personal organaizer fee.

      Date and paymant value is displeyed in the report table also. The Organaizer can edit this information.

      On the buttom of the report page you can see summary informations including the organaizer profit and web-site administrator fee.

      The "BB Code" field conteins report table without real names and without phone numbers. You can copu and paste this code to message but it will be publish automatically when you change purchase status to "Payment".

      SPMod settings

      The organaizer may create print version of the report using "Print" button.

      SPMod settings

    5. Lines and Parameters

      You can add item sizes, colors and other parameters on the page "Lines and parameters".

      SPMod settings

      Add new parameter: enter a parameter name (for example "Sizes for Old Navy brand"), parameter name in the catalogue (for example "size") and values (for example "24,26,28,30"). See details in paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3.

    6. Parser

      A parser is a software component that takes input data from external shop web-site and creates catalogs for your purchases. A parsing result depends of external web-site. It may not work after some changes on this web-sites.

      SPMod settings

      You may as create new catalog as parse to exist catalog. Next web-sites is avalaible now:

      Copy and paste links to the field "URLs". You have to input each URL address in new line. You may upload to one catalog items from different shops. All items will be added to exist items if catalog is not empty. After parsing you will be redirect to the catalog page with new items.

      Also you can paste html source code of shop web page enstead URL address if you need log on website at first for get some special prices for example.

    7. My Buys

      This page conteins list of all your orders. You can see purchase status and payment calculation including organaizer percentage and transportation costs. You may input payment information for organaizer. He will recievied email with your order payment details.

      SPMod settings

  5. Administrator Area

    The administrator can query a list of all purchases for the period on the "Purchases Administration" page. You can choose any period (for the last month by default). The administrator can can see a detail report for each purchases also.

    SPMod settings

  6. How Make The Order

    For a start enter to the Group Purchases board and choose a purchas topic. You can see a status and a compliting progress bar near name of the topic.

    SPMod settings

    The first message of this topic conteins description of a purchase, catalog list and order table.

    SPMod settings

    Choose a catalog and follow this link. The page with catalog items will be opened. You can find an item by name or by articul number using search box on the page top.

    SPMod settings

    Browse the catalog and choose items. Select size or color and input a count. Then press "Buy" button and add selected item to the order table. The organaizer will recieve email with information about new order.

    SPMod settings

    If there are no catalogs in the purchase then you can make order through Order string in the last table row. Just enter URL address of item page (optional), item name, size, color, others parameters (in the second field) and price. Click the button "Order".

    Also you can order item from any table row by clicking "I want it too!".

  7. VK Social Network Integration

    Members can make orders on web site Vkontakte. All the orders are stored in union table. So common report is available for the organaizer.

    SPMod settings
    SPMod settings

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