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{username} one of the most confusing statements in the English language is when a woman tells you that she needs more space. More space? What exactly does this mean? Did she just break up with you? In this article we are going to focus on how to win back a girl after she's made this perplexing and terribly annoying declaration.

But before we speak of strategy, we will attempt to decipher this ambiguous statement. It won't be easy. Men have been working on it for thousands of years without much success.

Still, for the purposes of our argument, let us assume that more space means that she wants a break. This could be a response to any one of a thousand things.

Perhaps you have been smothering her and she is unsure of where the relationship is going. Or perhaps the opposite is true, maybe you have been ignoring her and she doesn't think she is important to you.

But whatever the reason is, it is up to you to identify and address it. It is also imperative that you actually give her the space she has asked for. That means no calls, no emails, texts or chat messages.

Really, we can't stress this enough. More relationships have been lost because one party simply refuses to abide by the wishes of the other. So, as painful as it may be, if you are interested in how to win back a girl, you must give her a little breathing space.

While there is no set schedule, a few weeks should be more than enough time for her to sort things out and to think about whether or not she wants to be with you. Do you have a say in this? Well, not unless you know how to read minds.

But there are a few things you can do if you want to learn how to win back a girl. The first and most obvious one is to simply respect her wishes and to give her some room. This will let her know you can listen and respond accordingly.

Next, you can send her a short message after a few weeks to ask her how she's doing. If she responds to the message, you can and should continue to send her messages every now and then. Just make certain you don't contact her too frequently. A text message or email once every few days is more than enough.

In these messages, you should not revisit the past in any way. Your focus should be on the future and about making a fresh start. Do not mention romance or even the possibility of reconciliation. Simply say that you would like to remain friends.

If you can become good friends again, that is an excellent step in how to win back a girl. The next step, of course, will be to remind her of just how much she enjoyed having you in her life.

Now I know that the mental defenses will go up for many women when they hear the dreaded S- word, because the concept of submission flies in the face of every thing that our culture teaches today, models and values. But God's word sits in judgment on our culture and vice versa. One reason that submission in marriage is such a hated word is that it has been so badly misunderstood and misused, often intentionally, that few people know what it really means. Submission is not a bad word, but when people make a good word bad, it becomes bad even though it's good.

Feminists recognize that submission is appropriate in some roles, and they practice it themselves in those settings. They don't just want to see the concept of submission introduced into marriage because they want to insist that marriage is a totally egalitarian relationship where no one is in a leadership position. You see, submission is only a bad idea when it's used in an arena where we don't want it to appear. But it is God's idea, so it can't be bad in fact, we will see below that the members of the God head practice submission to one another.

The biblical word submission means "to line up underneath" it's a voluntary word, an act of the will. In other words, we must choose to submit. Perhaps the best illustration is a yield sign on the high way. Where as a stop sign means stop, period, no questions asked, you have a choice to make at a yield sign. But your choice carries certain consequences. If you think you can beat the oncoming car and get out of it's way, you may decide to shoot on through the intersection instead of yielding. But if you do, and a collision occurs, you will be at fault because the other vehicle has the right-of-way. Regardless of your view that you were right, the law will consider you to be in rebellion against it's status.

The same is true in a wife's relationship to her husband. God tells wives to submit to their husbands "as to the lord (Ephesians 5:22). A wife may choose to reject that word, but that decision will put her and her marriage on a "collision course" with God's principles. But the verse is also true when we line up in obedience under God's word, we please him and open our lives to his blessing. I believe this is the choice you want to make today and keep your marriage from breaking up.

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Saudi Arabia / Is love at first sight a myth or a reality?
« on: October 24, 2012, 01:02:53 PM »
Is love at first sight a myth or a reality?

Amaka, a good acquaintance and friend of mine is two years gone into the journey of married life. She is (happily?) married to Eze a naval officer. No doubt about it, Eze is a fine looking guy and looking at him from afar, he will make any lady a happy woman. Amaka, on her part was also a beautiful lady to behold.

Nigeria. / 2001 Toyota Rav4 1.7 M Pre-order
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:37:14 PM »
2003 Toyota RAV4 1.7 M

      Year:    2001
Make:    Toyota
Model:    RAV4
Engine:    4-Cylinder 2.0
Trans:    auto
Fuel:    Gasoline
Color:    white
Interior: tan
Miles:    171641
VIN:    jtegh20v410029027

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Are you particularly vulnerable to manipulation? Or, are you stressed by feeling constantly like you are dancing to someone's strings. Maybe at work, at home, or amongst your 'friends'. Chronically manipulated people tend to have a range of related personality styles that are both identified and used by manipulators. These are like buttons of control for the manipulator. The first step to reducing manipulation in your life is to recognize the buttons in you.

What are the main psychological buttons?

1 Having a very strong need for approval and acceptance

Nearly everyone wants to be liked and accepted. That is healthy and normal. But, many people, perhaps because of their genetic background and/or life circumstances, have a much higher need for approval than others. The higher your need, the more prone you are to manipulation.

A manipulator may keep those with a strong need for approval in a constant state of anxiety by never paying you compliments or finding anything good in what you do. Think of yourself as working hard all day to get a perfunctory pat on the head, or to get a disparaging remark about one minor fault after a whole heap of great work.

2 Fearing negative emotions

Some people are very sensitive to strong negative emotions, conflict, or confrontation. This means they modify their behaviour to avoid the anger or conflict. Nearly always at a cost to themselves or someone they are representing.

Some manipulators purposefully put on an angry look, or start to raise their voice, simply to cause confusion or stress in their victim. Think of the whipped dog, that cringes when a hand is slightly raised. It makes itself small and low, adjusting its behaviour in an attempt to reduce the perceived threat.

3 Being a people pleaser and hung up on being nice

There is nothing wrong with being nice. But, there is a problem when you constantly ignore your own needs for the sake of others. How do you know if you are a people pleaser?

Do you burst into a frenzy of activity to help someone just because they mentioned a need, then curse under your breath about how little time you have to get your own things done? Do you give much more to others than is given to you? Then you may be a people pleaser.

There is usually a strong element of "if I am nice to others- then they wont hurt me" in chronic people pleasers.

What about Mother Theresa? She gave a great deal of herself for others.

Mother Theresa was not a people pleaser (just ask those she negotiated with to get support for her efforts). People like Mother Theresa help others on their own terms and are in control of their share of any relationships.

4 Lacking assertiveness

If you find it difficult to say no, you may suffer from a lack of assertiveness. People who are poorly assertive are also likely to be people pleasers. You are in double trouble when you also have strong aversion to negative feelings as well.

Often, a lack of assertiveness is linked with sensitivity, and a fear of negative responses to your needs or wants. Saying no may make you feel anxious, nervous or uncomfortable. Also, you may feel exasperated and angry with yourself for being taken advantage of each time.

Many people have these feelings to some degree, but they say no anyway, when it is appropriate for them.

5 Having low self-reliance

People with low self reliance are very uncertain about their own judgment and abilities. Often, they have very little self direction in their lives. In previous generations, many married and highly capable women had reduced self reliance as they had not been raised to expect to be a master of their own destiny, especially outside of the home.

People with low self-reliance can usually be spotted by the way they constantly seek input into most of their pending decisions, often even simple ones.

Low self reliance makes you an easy mark for a manipulator as they will be there to control and direct you.

You can expect a manipulator to denigrate your areas of expertise and any decisions you make. Manipulators will often quickly steer you to areas of their own competence where they can demonstrate their vastly superior 'mastery' and add to your feelings of inadequacy.

6 Feeling like you have little control over your destiny

This is related to low-self reliance but differs in that the person feels the external world has much more control over how their life turns out than they do. In contrast, people with a more internal focus have a greater belief that they have a large degree of control over what happens to them.

Having an external control view of the world makes you both vulnerable to manipulation and depression.

A major factor in depression is feeling that you have little or no control over an ongoing unpleasant or dangerous situation. Being with a manipulator and believing that you have little control over life is a recipe for depression. Their manipulations and your beliefs will lead you onto a path of learned helplessness.

7 Having an under-developed sense of identity

Do you feel like you are somewhat insubstantial and that your character is small and insignificant compared with those around you? Are you uncertain about who you really are and what you stand for. Do you live your life more through others (including those on television) than yourself?

Many people have had a childhood in which their worth was continually denigrated. Or, in their sensitive teens, received continual negative feedback and comments. Such a background can stunt a person's development and weaken their sense of identity.

To a manipulator, such people are a wonderful amorphous lump of clay, upon which they can craft their own designs. Usually, to make you more compliant to their will and to get you to live your life more through them.


No doubt many of you reading this article will recognize that you have several of these buttons, These buttons tend to be interlinked around a lack of self confidence and related states. Most people have these traits to varying degree and this makes them vulnerable to manipulation. Being aware of these traits is the start to increased resistance to manipulation. The real problem for people occurs when these buttons are dominant parts of their personality. It is especially important for the victims of manipulators to realize that they can and should change.

It is much easier to change yourself than a manipulator.

Dr Ian King (ADBLT MSc DPhil PGC Bus Man) - gives up to date information specifically researched for mature adults on how they can seize back their lives at http://masteringmaturity.com

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- 30 years experience in investment, management, and research in biotechnology, food science, agricultural science, and diagnostics. Oxford educated, Director of innovation company. Nationally accredited coach with certificate in sports medicine. Managed a Rehabilitation House for institutionalized mental health patients.

There appear to be an ever increasing number of factors to budget for when starting a brand-new business and a commercial office space may or may not be on your primary list of outgoings.

Determined by the size of your business and also the available capital, the possible office space options may include: a serviced office, a virtual office or a home office. You will not want to tackle unnecessary spending by committing to a commercial space when it could be perfectly viable for you to run your business from home. On the flip side, a home office may prove detrimental to the development of your business in its infancy and therefore be counter-productive.Listed below are ten very simple questions to ask yourself before making this really important decision:1. Are you going to be working by yourself or will you be hiring staff? If as an example you will likely be hiring staff and they'll continually be out meeting clients and not based in the office, a home office remains an option.2. Are you going to be needing a meeting room on a frequent basis? If this is indeed the case, a commercial space may be a much better option.3. Is the image of a smart office address a significant issue? For many people this is going to be a really important issue as the image and professional look of the company will be crucial to success. If this is high on your agenda, a virtual or serviced office will be a preferred option.4. Will you require a physical office to be at your new smart address? If that is so, serviced will be a much better alternative as a virtual office is exactly that....virtual.5. Will you require a professional answering service? This may not be easy at home unless your wife or husband is well trained.6. Is the money there to pay for a commercial space?7. Will you want to promptly expand the business? In which case working from home might be swiftly outgrown.8. Do you work better away from home? Numerous people can be too easily distracted at home which can impact effective output.9. Are you happier combining with other like-minded business people in an office atmosphere?10. Are you a worrier who might easily become worried about the consistent outgoings on a commercial space whilst you're trying to build your business client base?So there you have it. Ten simple questions to ask yourself which may perhaps avoid wrong decisions being made in the very important, early phases of your business.Good luck!

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